All participants for the endurance ride can register per internet, via

For Dutch participants, or foreign riders with a valid membership of the KNHS-Endurancevereniging (KEV, Dutch Endurance Riding Club), you can register for class 1-3 by loggin in onto the site, the select the ride and distance you want to participate, and eventually which horse.

For participants in class 0 (“impulsrubriek” / Taster ride) or class 1, when having a valid membership of the KNHS (the Dutch Equestrian Federation), you can register by clicking in the lower left on “Welkom als je nog geen lid bent” (Welcome when you’re not a member yet), and fill out all required data.

Foreign riders without a KNHS-membership can register by clicking in the lower left on “welcome as a foreign rider” and fill out all required data.

When registering per internet turns out impossible, then you can fill out a registration form and send it to us. Please click on one of the links below for the registration-form (Word document). A Dutch and German version is available too.

Registration form Endurance Ride

Registration form Endurance Drive

You can download the form, fill it out on your PC, save it and e-mail it to


You can print the form, fill it out and send it by mail to the following address:

Stichting Euregio Endurance,  Mark Rutten,  De Breid 4a,  5823AA Maashees,  Netherlands


The scheduled distances for the ride are:

Endurance ride, March 10. 2018   20,5 – 30,5 – 41 – 61 – 81km        max.: 100 entries

Endurance drive, March 11. 2018             20 – 29,9 – 40 – 49,9 – 61km    max.: 20 entries


Entry fee:

Endurance Ride                                         Endurance Drive (single)

20,5km Impulse – € 22,50                         20km Impulse – € 22,50

20,5km – € 22,50                                        20km – € 22,50

30,5km – € 27,50                                         29,9km – € 27,50

41km – € 35,-                                               40km – € 35,-

61km – € 40,-                                               49,9km – € 40,-

81km – € 45,-                                               61km – € 45,-

                                                                    Extra fee pairs / 4-in-hand € 5,-


For all riders/drivers:

All horses, for all classes / distances, have to have a microchip-identification (acc. Dutch regulations). They also have to have an equine passport, and must all be correctly vaccinated. According Dutch regulations this means a first vaccination followed by a booster vaccination within min. 21 and max. 92 days, and thereafter followed by at least once a year a repeated vaccination. The last vaccination should not be done within 7 days before the event. All vaccinations, including the first and booster, should be stated correctly in the equine passport. Without correct vaccinations you are not allowed to start!


For foreign riders/drivers:

You must be a member of your national equestrian federation. This will be randomly checked.

For the riders in class 1 there are no extra conditions or demands. For riders in all higher classes you need either a declaration from your equestrian federation which states that you’re allowed to start the desired distance (a so called riding permission). Or some other kind of proof that you have finished the same or a longer distance once before (a copy of a vetting-sheet or a copy of a results list).


Entry Fee

The entry fee (see riding schedule) has to be transferred before the beginning of the ride to:

IBAN: NL15 RABO 0156 2303 123


Attn. Stichting  Euregio Endurance, Maashees, Netherlands

Stating your name, the distance you would like to start, and Endurance ride Ysselsteyn / Endurance drive Ysselsteyn


Final Date for entries / modifications

The final date for entering is March 2. 2018, when entering past this date  € 7,50 will added to the fee.  When cancelling your entry before the date of closure € 10,- administration fee will be charged. When cancelling past the date of closure, the whole fee must be paid. Changes can be passed-on until March 9. 2018 18:00hrs, by e-mail to: