Links / Regulations

The Euregio Endurance Team:


Below you will find links to the official Dutch regulations (sorry, these are only available in Dutch!).

Please read these briefly before the event, a lot of questions will be answered!

Endurance Ride regulations

Endurance Driving regulations

General regulations KNHS

 ATTENTION: These are the regulations as they are valid at this moment. Should there be any changes etc., these will become effective from March 1. Please check shortly before the ride, if anything should have been changed.

Mendurance Cup – all participants in official endurance driving competitions in the Netherlands will compete automatically, who has the most points at the end of the season wins the Cup.

Mendurance Cup – reglement

Other links:

(Inter-)National equestrian federations :

          Netherlands – KNHS

          Germany – FN       

          Belgium – VLP        

          Belgium – LEWB    


Endurance riding organisations:

          Netherlands – KEV 

          Germany – VDD     

Endurance driving organisations:

        Netherlands – Vereniging Mendurance Nederland