Route / Maps

Here you can find the official maps for the ride and the drive. The 20km-route is marked BLACK; the extra 10km-loop for the 30km-route is marked RED.

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Map – endurance ride

Map – endurance drive

GPS Route Endurance 20km

GPS Route Endurance 30km

GPS Route Mendurance 20km

GPS Route Mendurance 30km


General information

The scheduled distances for the ride are:

Endurance ride, March 10. 2018   20,5 – 30,5 – 41 – 61 – 81km        max.: 100 entries

Endurance drive, March 11. 2018             20 – 29,9 – 40 – 49,9 – 61km    max.: 20 entries


For the ride: 41km is twice the 20,5 km-loop and the 61km is twice the 30,5 km-loop. The 81km is twice the 30,5m km-loop and once the 20,5 km-loop.

For the drive: 40km is twice the 20km-loop, the 49,9km does first the 29,9km-loop followed by 20km, and 61km is three times the 20km-loop.


Approximately 1km of the 30km long loop passes along a busy driveway, with a  segregated bicycle road and a wide grass verge. Each loop this road has to be crossed twice. Also app. 1 km is paved road with a small grass verge.

 Around Ysselsteyn the soils are mostly sandy and there are hardly any heights. The ride takes you through wide grass verges, small stony verges, half paved sand roads, bush roads and grassy bush roads. Short pieces of roads will be paved.

However, if it rains a lot shortly before the ride, the roads can be pretty muddy and therefore very rough.  It will become slippery, uneven with chances of stumbling, tripping and an increasing chance of lameness. If there is a frost period, it will also be slippery and rough. Please adjust your riding style  and speed to the circumstances, or end the ride premature.