The Team

What is the Euregio Endurance Team?

At the end of 2009 three endurance-riders from the Euregio-area met, and agreed upon training together. Later on, they arranged on helping and supporting each other, where possible and necessary, in the preparation before a ride, or/and during rides and events. In winter 2010 the next step was organizing some open training events where other riders where invited too, both experienced and novice combinations. Later also clinics, information evenings, etcetera where held, to promote the endurance sport and to make it easier to start for riders who want to get to know this exciting sport.

That’s how the cooperation between these three riders started …. And apart from just helping each other, it was also decided to try to find some sponsors for the team for financial or/and material support. In spring 2010 the first talks took place with the Euregio Rijn-Waal / Euregio Rhein-Waal from Kleve (Ger), and that’s where the team name came about. With many thanks we also accepted the offer from Havens Horse feed from Maashees (Neth.) to sponsor the coats and shirts for the team. Furthermore we get support from vet’s dr. Weyers and dr. Riemersma.

To be able to offer more clinics and trainings etc., among others at the training facility “Den Heyberg”, and to partly cover the costs for vet’s, farriers, saddlers etc. and of course the costs for rides, grooms, fuel etc. more sponsors are, of course, greatly welcome.

What does the Euregio Endurance Team, and where can you see them in action?

The team helps and supports riders on various rides. These can be various rides on various levels and distances in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, but in general rides on a reasonable travelling distance. However, a reasonable travelling distance for endurance-riders can still be 150km or more.

Except competing in endurance rides the riders will also accompany other riders on their first endurance ride(s) or during training. Also clinics, information evenings, trainings etcetera are being organized.

Who is in the Euregio Endurance Team?

Foto Petri

Petri van de Kraats

Petri van de Kraats is 44 years old, from Wijchen (Neth.), and is employed by the Dutch Air Force. She has been riding endurance rides for more than 18 years, and has already completed several rides of 90km and more. She is qualified for rides up to 160km, and already ended high in the rankings a few times. In the past she did most of the rides with her Arabian mare “Queen of Shaba” and with her young trotter “Winston Valeo”. Last year she started the Arabian stallion “Nib Durash Star” (“Bill”), and  a new, young Arabian called “Bouzian”.


Foto Tanja

Tanja Wolters

Tanja Wolters is 48 years old, from Kleve (Ger), she has her own equestrian smallholding with some livery horses and some own-bred horses. Among others mare “Gitana”, who got 2nd place in the German championship 2008 over 120km, and also won the German Cup. “Indigo”, 18 year old gelding, is qualified for the German championship. On national rides she can start any distance, and up to CEI*** on international events. This year she will also start young Arabian “Ibris”.


Foto Mark

Mark Rutten

Mark Rutten is 46 years old, from Maashees (Neth.), working as an electrical engineer. He is involved for more than 13 years in endurance-riding and has competed in several 80-90km rides. In the Netherlands he is qualified to start in rides up to 160km. He is one of the very few endurance-riders competing with Friesians, and as such a well known combination on rides. He will start 13-year old Friesian gelding “Tjeerd E” on several short-distance rides up to 35-40km, and the 14-year old Friesian mare “Silke fan Simir” will start on rides up to 80km. this year.span>


HERE a short film about the Euregio Endurance team, broadcasted by TV-show WDR Lokalzeit (German spoken).